Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Let me help you through your organizing or moving needs.

* Consultations could be by phone or zoom meeting

Do I need to do anything in my house, garage or work space before you come for the 1 hour consult?

No, you don’t need to clean up or do anything to prepare for me to come. Just leave your space(s) the way you use them every day. I will have some questions on a form when I come, but I’ll fill that out as we walk through your space(s) together.

What if I hire you, and it’s just too overwhelming for me to continue? Am I under any kind of contract?

There is no contract or obligation for you keep working with me. I completely understand that this can be an overwhelming process, especially if I am helping you go though items of a loved one that has passed. I will work with you in whatever way fits your style and personality. But if it isn’t the right time in your life to go though items, we can stop.

Will you try and make me get rid of all of my stuff?

No, you can keep everything if you want. This is your space, your stuff, your time and money. I work for you. However, I have found in my own life and in helping others with organizing and decluttering, that when we start cleaning out drawers, closets, and boxes, we find things we never knew we had and no longer need. You might be surprised at what you can let go of, and how good it feels to keep things that are most meaningful to you.

Who I help

I help families and individuals in need of assistance, free of judgment and with kindness.

Why I help

Life can change in an instant. I am here to help wherever you are in life.

How I help

I come to where you live and spend time with you and your family helping to organize your space.